FAQs About Our Pet Turf

Definitely. Our synthetic pet grass is carefully designed to emphasize the safety of your pets. It has no toxic chemicals or substances that pose a risk to your animals. Furthermore, our turf is engineered to be strong, meaning it can withstand your pets' activities without compromising their safety.

Selecting synthetic pet grass offers several pros over live grass. First and foremost, it needs virtually no maintenance compared to natural grass, saving you a lot of work. Artificial grass is also highly long-lasting, standing up to intense animal activity without requiring fertilizers or pesticides. Our synthetic pet turf is crafted with animal safety in mind, free from harmful chemicals commonly found in natural turf.

Yes, our artificial grass for pets is crafted to emulate the visual appeal and texture of natural turf, offering your pets with a comfortable and fun outdoor experience. They can run, play, and relax on the turf just like they would on real turf, giving them a safe and welcoming outdoor space.
Unlike natural grass, artificial pet turf creates hostile environment for flea, ticks, or other pests. Although certain pests may linger, recommended maintenance, such as getting rid of debris and cleaning, can effectively diminish their presence. Keeping the artificial grass clean and free from debris provides a cozy and bug-free environment for your pets.
Cleaning synthetic pet turf is easy and effortless. You can easily eliminate dirt, debris, and animal droppings by rinsing the grass with water. For more deep cleaning, mild detergents can be used without damaging the grass. Regular maintenance guarantees your synthetic pet turf remains clean and free from odor.
Our artificial pet turf is specially designed to withstand pet activities, including digging. While occasional digging may occur, our robust turf is constructed to reduce any damage. For persistent diggers, we advise training or deterrent strategies in order to discourage such behavior.
Synthetic pet turf is resistant to odors, minimizing odors that may arise caused by pet waste. However, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to prevent the buildup of odors. In situations where odors persist, specialized cleaning products or solutions that neutralize odors can be applied to maintain a clean outdoor space for your pets.
Our synthetic pet turf is made to be strong and long-lasting, with a lifespan of as long as 15 years with proper care. Variables such as how often it's used and maintenance methods can influence the turf's longevity. Be confident that this UV-resistant turf is built to withstand different weather conditions, providing years of enjoyment for you and your pets.
Even though it's possible to install synthetic turf yourself, we suggest engaging a professional to make sure the task is done right. Our skilled staff at Last Lawn can assist you with both design and installation an artificial turf solution that meets your unique needs.
The cost of artificial pet turf installation can change based on elements including turf type, size of the area, and extra features. We offer a variety of synthetic pet turf solutions to accommodate different budgets and preferences. For a personalized quote matching your unique requirements, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Although installing yourself is an option, we recommend professional installation to get the ideal results. The team of specialists at Pittsburgh guarantees correct installation, maximizing the longevity and performance of the artificial pet turf. We are here to help you in making a safe and inviting outdoor area for the enjoyment of your furry companions.