Stay Cool in Pittsburgh with HydroChill®

As you may know, fake turf lawns can heat up. Shawgrass has developed a way to chill artificial lawns through a created development called HydroChill®.

HydroChill® features an evaporative cooling technology, functioning just like the process of perspiring in the human body. By harnessing the power of moisture, HydroChill® cools down the entire turf system. This innovative product is an entirely safe, odor-free, and antimicrobial substance that changes into a gelatinous form when blended with water. It is then dispensed and mixed into the infill.

Once moisturized, HydroChill® holds on to moisture and slowly releases it, resulting in an uniformly cooled surface. Interestingly, the higher the ambient temperature, the more the turf is cooled. Extensive research and development by Shaw's engineers have shown that HydroChill® exceeds other cooling systems in terms of performance. Even further, it is surprisingly easy to apply, durable, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious.

How It Works

After years of laboratory and field testing, HydroChill® has emerged as a cutting-edge, patented technology. It is administered as a coating to the sand infill. Once hydrated, it activates and will provide noticeable cooling for numerous days, depending on the local Pittsburgh weather conditions.


As the sun heats the synthetic turf surface, HydroChill® slowly releases moisture through evaporative cooling. This process emulates the thermoregulation mechanism used by peoples’ bodies through sweating. As fluid evaporates, it carries away heat, leaving a cooler and more comfortable surface for families and pets.

It is important to note that the ambient temperature isn’t the only thing that dicates the surface temperature. Elements like the sun's angle, cloud cover, wind, amount of sunlight received, and other external factors all contribute to the surface temperature.

HydroChill® gives its maximum benefits when the sun is at its highest point, as indicated by the solar radiation calendar. During summer, when the sun is overhead, surfaces accumulate additional energy, leading to increased temperature. This is exactly when HydroChill® performs at its optimum, providing vital comfort.

While a regular wet lawn may offer some cooling effect, temperatures can quickly escalate to unbearable levels. On the other hand, a lawn treated with HydroChill® has shown a significant temperature difference in numerous real-world applications. Although results may vary due to actual location and local conditions, HydroChill® has regularly achieved surface temperatures 30°–50°F lower compared to conventional artifical lawns.

Experience the Cooling Benefits of HydroChill®

HydroChill® utilizes the power of moisture to create a soothing cooling effect. Whether it's precipitation, dew, or watering, your lawn can remain comfortably chilled for an extended period, based on your specific climate.

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