Stay Cool in Pittsburgh with HydroChill®

Evaporative Cooling System

It’s not a secret artificial turf surfaces can get hot. Shawgrass has taken steps to cool synthetic lawns through a new development called HydroChill®.

HydroChill® is created to be an evaporative cooling technology, meaning that it operates a lot like our bodies sweating, using moisture to cool down the complete turf system. On its own, the product is a totally safe, antimicrobial, odorless, gelatinous substance that mixes easily into water and is sprayed and agitated into the infill.

Water that is held in the turf when it is hydrated will slowly release, leading to the surface cooling evenly across; the hotter it is, the cooler it will get. Shaw Research and Development has assessed many types of cooling systems and discovered that this surpasses others. It is long-lasting, cost-effective, easy to apply, and ecologically friendly.

How It Works

HydroChill® is a patented technology that has been designed and vetted through research in both a laboratory and in real-world settings over many years. HydroChill® is a precoat that is applied to the sand infill. It is activated when introduced to moisture and will grant remarkable cooling for days, depending upon Pittsburgh weather.


Moisture that’s kept in HydroChill® is released slowly through evaporative cooling as the artificial grass surface is warmed by the sun. The human body also uses this kind of evaporative cooling, called thermoregulation, in order to cool itself through sweating. The evaporating moisture gets rid of heat, leaving a cooler, more comfortable surface for families and pets.

The ambient temperature does not always dictate surface temperature. The solar radiation time period, sun’s angle, cloud cover, wind, and more all factor into the temperature of the surface.

HydroChill® gives its maximum benefit while the sun is directly overhead, as shown in the solar radiation calendar. During the summertime, the sun is directly above, so surfaces absorb more heat energy, resulting in hotter temperatures. During the hottest part of a clear day when relief is needed, HydroChill® performs at its best.

A standard lawn with a wet surface will provide some cooling, but temperatures can rise to uncomfortably high levels. A HydroChill® lawn has been shown to provide a substantial temperature difference in real-world applications. Although results can vary due to geographic location and local conditions, HydroChill® has achieved 30°–50°F lower surface temperatures compared to an ordinary synthetic grass surface.

Keep the whole family comfortable and cool with HydroChill®

  • HydroChill® utilizes moisture to create a cooling effect. Irrigation, rainfall, and even dew can help keep your lawn cool for days, contingent on local weather conditions.
  • HydroChill® can be incorporated into most of the Shawgrass infilled lawn systems.
  • HydroChill® will not affect the toughness or warranty of Shawgrass products.
  • HydroChill® is UV-resistant and should be retreated every two years for maximum effectiveness.
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