The Natural Choice

The coconut in our Geofill system originates from Sri Lanka or India. These two geographic locations are the major sources of coconut coir fibers in the world.

Geofill is the best natural “soil” infill in the artificial grass industry – it replaces soil for landscaping projects. Due to saltwater retting, Geofill is resistant to mildew, salts, and mold. Geofill’s distinctive mix of coconut fibers make a natural matrix; retaining the infill and reducing infill flyout and migration.

This material alleviates the concerns with suspicious chemicals from any synthetic infill material. It is a controlled and safe system that makes for a natural choice. Geofill does not damage the environment, customers, or the garbage dump at the end of its life.


Natural. Performs. Proven. Cooler. Affordable.

With superior precipitation retention abilities of Geofill enable the infill system to absorb water which is released when the sun warms the ground. When the infill receives sunlight, the temperature starts to increase, but the release of water held in the infill reduces the infill temperature by the mechanism of evaporative cooling. As the sun’s heat increases, the amount of water evaporating does the same, which increases the cooling effect of the infill.

By absorbing water, you create a surface much like natural earth providing evaporative cooling of the lawn and a more natural feel. The naturally sourced mix provides a stabilized layer between the turf fibers which copies the impression of real grass.


Now you can live on what they play on!

Keep the home-field advantage at your own house. From the same synthetic grass suppliers that supply the artificial grass for the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Texas Rangers, the Miami Marlins, the Fredericksburg Nationals, and more, Shawgrass offers artificial turf landscape solutions for your home or business. Using Geofill, a soil replacement infill built from natural materials with inherent cooling properties, your property can step up its curb appeal while keeping the maintenance at a minimum. Geofill is the best option for many of our most astute clients.

Reasons for Shawgrass synthetic turf products:

Savings: Shawgrass decreases the fees associated with landscaping and maintenance.

Looks: Our synthetic grass looks trimmed and bright through the seasons. Enjoy our turf no matter the season. Whether you want to set a minimalistic or luxurious tone, we can assist you in turning any outdoor area into exactly what you want.

Comfort: Shawgrass creates safe and comfortable outdoor spaces for customers, guests, and employees. Whether you are designing a space for your employees to enjoy on their lunch break or a courtyard for your guests, Shawgrass will help you to create an environment distinguished from the rest.

Innovative: Shawgrass sells solutions such as Geofill, which keeps your surface cooler.

Durable: Designed by the same designers that developed Shaw Sports Turf systems, Shawgrass is produced and tested to rough all types of wear.

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