Creating Inclusive Environments with Artificial Grass in Pittsburgh

March 13, 2024
Creating Inclusive Environments with Artificial Grass in Pittsburgh 

In the modern world, inclusivity is not only a buzzword — it's a necessary element in designing spaces addressing the needs of all Pittsburgh residents. One aspect where inclusivity can be substantially improved is outdoor settings, and artificial grass plays a pivotal role in enabling this. Continue reading to learn how artificial grass is leading the way for building inclusive outdoor spaces.

What Makes Artificial Grass the Best Choice?

One of the key features of artificial grass that boosts accessibility is its durability. As opposed to organic grass, that can get uneven and challenging to move across, synthetic provides a flat surface that is simple to cross, making it ideal for individuals using assistive devices, walkers, or other mobility devices. This ensures that pathways and recreational areas remain accessible throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

Designing Accessible Recreational Spaces

Synthetic grass also promotes diversity in outdoor recreational spaces. Synthetic grass ensures everyone can participate safely and enjoyably by having smooth playing surfaces for sports and leisure activities. Whether it's playing a game of wheelchair basketball, enjoying a picnic with loved ones, or simply taking a stroll outdoors, artificial turf eliminates the physical barriers that could otherwise obstruct participation.

While creating inclusive outdoor spaces with artificial turf, it's crucial to prioritize accessibility from the initial planning phase. This involves incorporating features such as gradual slopes, spacious pathways, and plentiful seating areas to accommodate people of all abilities. Picking high-quality artificial grass products that adhere to safety guidelines is also vital for ensuring a friendly environment for all.

Artificial Grass is Environmentally-Friendly

Synthetic grass contributes to environmental sustainability by requiring reduced water, fertilizers, and pesticides compared to traditional grass. By consuming less water and reducing chemical application, synthetic turf helps preserve precious resources and promotes a healthier environment for the next generation. Secure for both and animals alike!

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