Why is Artificial Turf Popular For Playgrounds?

March 10, 2022

Synthetic grass is rapidly becoming the number one choice for playgrounds and play areas all over the United States. Want to know why? Well, it’s no secret that traditional grass is difficult to maintain, particularly on playgrounds where using a lawnmower is tricky. Shawgrass is here to rationalize why making the switch from real grass to artificial grass for playgrounds is a great investment.

Artificial Turf Playground Advantages

To understand why artificial grass is so popular now, it’s vital to look at the top benefits of setting up a synthetic play surface.

Better Security

It's a common misunderstanding that artificial turf could slice, sting or scrape the skin if a child falls on the surface. Shawgrass blades are engineered to be smooth and non-scratchy. Our playground turf is designed for high-use play areas and offers the best in sturdiness and value for money. Shawgrass is IPEMA-Certified and ADA accessible. This unique grass system is designed with thick padding to decrease the effect of falls.

Plus, synthetic turf products are available without chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides. These harsh chemicals can be absorbed into clothes and skin long after your kid has finished playing. Shawgrass is also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, making it unreceptive to molds and fungi, which can cause sensitivity in some children.

Highly Resilient

Synthetic grass is an ideal selection for busy areas such as playgrounds because it is greatly resilient. While, synthetic surfaces are all not the same. Shawgrass products are created and developed by the same R&D group in charge of the topnotch sports grounds set up by Shaw Sports Turf. Though the initial investment is higher than natural grass, you will recover your expenditure quickly thanks to reduced maintenance costs.

Children will enjoy it while parents will love the absence of mess. Synthetic grass is silk, dirt-free, and because it’s unappealing to insects, it’s much more inviting than an organic grass surface. Also, rain won't cause muddy spots with its woes of mud and sun-baked dirt spots. You don't have to worry about storm run-off baring play areas to chemicals. This is why several play areas and municipalities, schools, and daycares have decided to install synthetic grass..

Greater Comfort

The Shawgrass Research and Development Center is involved in the process of creating better performing, safer, and more comfortable artificial grass. Our products feature grass blades that are soft and skin-friendly, giving it a more comfortable feel underfoot than other synthetic grasses. Kids will love to kick their shoes off and roll around on our grass.

Shawgrass products are also cooler, thanks to latest know-how like HydroChill, designed to soothe you, even in intense heat. HydroChill is a patented technology created and fostered through years of study in both a laboratory and a everyday set-up. This precoat is applied to the sand infill and initiated by adding moisture (rain or a dash from the hosepipe) to offer considerable cooling for days, based on locational conditions.

Fashioning Synthetic Turf Playgrounds

If you’re looking to craft an awesome playground with first-rate security features, we have some suggestions to enable you to get started with your scheduling.

Pick A Theme

Begin by opting for a fitting idea for your playground. Consider options like pirate ships, space ships, wildlife themes, or forts. You can browse the internet for ideas that are a hit with children. You may have to play with a range of playground components to get your perfect set up, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Design For Future Needs

Children don’t stay small for long, hence adding in diverse equipment, so kids can grow and still enjoy the playground will tap for you the older crowd too. Including a few basic elements like swing sets varying in size and allocating sections of the playground to accommodate children of various ages will help you.

Plant Trees

When you dispose of real grass, you may feel you can’t have other plants in the area, but that’s not true! You can still plant trees, privacy hedges, and other plants. Your expert turf installer can make way in the synthetic grass so you can plant trees that give shade. Just be mindful of where you plant trees because if they are too close to the play area, they can cause accidents due to broken branches.

Light Up!

While play areas are normally shut after dark, it’s still a clever move to include lighting for security, and it can act as a design pivot. Cleverly placed bulbs that produce lights and shadows can truly brighten up an area. If you choose to fix ground lighting, you will be better off with LED lighting since they let out less heat, making them perfect for synthetic turf.

Play Area Safety

Whether in the backyard or a business place, the foremost concern of playgrounds must be security. Fake grass on playgrounds provides a spongier space for kids to hurdle from swings or dive to catch a ball. Here are a few essential features that make artificial grass the perfect choice.

  • It’s Secure - Even if a child falls face-first to the ground, they won’t have any more damage than they would from real grass.
  • It Will Not Rise Up - When installed properly, the turf seams will not cause a tripping danger.
  • It’s Cushioned - If children do fall, the IPEMA-Certified cushioning under turf will shield them from serious injury.
  • It’s Clean - If children spatter a drink or have an accident, synthetic grass can be washed easily with water and gentle cleaner if needed.


Let Us Assist With Your Play Area

If you’re ready to design a fine-looking play area, Shawgrass is prepared to work with you. Our grass specialists have set up many playgrounds throughout the country. Get in touch with us today for a free consult!