Top Synthetic Grass Installation Queries for Your Installer

February 15, 2022

Synthetic grass popularity has exploded lately, and more companies are emerging in the trade to sell and install these products. So, as you’re selecting from options, how do you identify which option to select? Decide by asking questions-plenty of them. There are two aspects of consideration:

One: questions to ask while researching your choices.

Two: what to ask about installation and upkeep.

But before we get started, let’s get familiar with a few basic grass lingo that’s important to know.

Key Artificial Grass Terms

Backing Weight

The backing weight is the feature that sustains everything. Back weight is the over-all weight of the primary backing and secondary coating per square yard of the synthetic turf.

Fiber Weight

Fiber weight denotes the quantity of yarn that is used per square yard of turf. The higher the face weight, the longer and/or thicker the synthetic turf’s grass will be.

Total Weight

The total weight is the collective face weight and backing weight value. It’s imperative to be acquainted with this word since every synthetic grass product is promoted in different ways in different companies.


The yarn is the “face” of the grass. This is what gets converted according to what colors and sizes you opt for. Each yarn type has exclusive traits for exclusive uses.


The infill is what holds the artificial grass blades upright, protects the backing from the harmful effects of UV rays, and provides us with that grassy, strengthened and an authentic feel.

Pile Height

The pile height denotes the height of the blades of grass. Pile height is what transforms your artificial lawn, making it look real.

Questions to Ask Before Buying

Now that you know some of the fundamental synthetic turf terms, let’s dig into the important questions to ask an artificial grass business prior to making your purchase.

1. In what way does your artificial turf compare to other products?

Consider questions that will allow the potential turf company to explain about its products. Queries like:

  • How “genuine” does it seem?
  • What are its main working aspects?
  • Is this product the appropriate option for children and/or pets?
  • What kind of warranty do you provide?

2. How many varieties do you offer?

Not all synthetic grass is produced alike. The product you are looking for for your backyard is not what you would get for a play area, though there are product types to accommodate both.

  • Can you deliver samples?
  • What color do most people opt for?
  • What grass options do you suggest for my application?

3. What variety of turf is best for my needs?

There are various types of synthetic turf for various needs. Remember to find out the variety that will best suit you

  • What pile height must I go in for for my use?
  • What variety of infill would you use?
  • Can you fix synthetic turf on a sloped or varied landscape?

Your pet cannot dig through high-quality grass. But, your pet believe the outdoors to be their restroom. Some backing/drainage systems may not be created with this contingency, so ask queries such as:

  • Is the artificial turf the right choice for fixing in places with pets?
  • What facility is provided to allow for urine to drain?
  • How do I clean places where solid waste was?

5. How much will it cost?

This is one of the most frequently asked installation queries we get. Since each turf installed is a tailored activity, the final cost will depend on many elements. Getting an expert to come to your property for an approximate quote is the most practical to be aware of the venture, but you can look up our cost analysis sheet for a rough estimate.

Synthetic Turf Installation Questions

So,now you have learned about synthetic turf and have found the brand you may wish to set it up; the following are a few essential installation questions.

1. How much time would you need for the installation?

Since every plan is different, each will have a different timeline for when the grass will be fully installed. Synthetic grass installation setbacks should be minimal when you use a reliable installer. This is one task you certainly do not want to take on by yourself.

2. Who installs my turf?

Be careful of companies that don’t specialize in synthetic turf installation. Because it is a complex process, it needs careful handiwork to ensure your grass will look good for several years. At Shawgrass, we use a reputable chain of dealers to mount your synthetic turf so we can have certitude in the superiority of your installation.

4. What is the warranty/lifespan I can expect on my grass?

Be wary of companies that provide a short warranty. Since no turf is made the same way, you should Take into account your terms of warranty. Inquire if there are any particular safety measures you must take to avert accidents that wouldn’t be covered.

5. How do I clean my grass?

Taking care of synthetic turf is much easier than caring for a natural lawn, but there is still some procedural maintenance you must keep in mind. Ask your installer how to clean and groom based on activity (removing leaves/debris, cleaning stains from spills, dealing with pet waste, rearrange infill etc.).

Ask Us Your Questions

At Shawgrass, we take pride in our superior quality and workmanship. Because our products are made in the USA, we can keep costs down and extend superior products at a cheaper rate to our customers. We invest in research and development to bring the best innovation to the artificial turf market.

If you’re eager to see what Shawgrass can offer you, contact us today for a consult!