Yard Makeover: Artificial Turf Edition

December 20, 2021

Thinking about updating the look of your yard? Synthetic grass might be the perfect choice for you! We’re here to give you some yard makeover ideas that feature artificial grass.

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is made up of synthetic fibers mimicking the look of organic grass blades. In the 1960s, artificial turf was introduced and commonly used in sports stadiums and public spaces.

In the early 1990s, artificial grass could be seen showing up in landscaping applications. It is quite popular in cities where water can be hard to find, low-sun yards, and rugged locations.

Shawgrass Basic System Construction 


Why You Should Use Artificial Grass

Artificial turf requires much less maintenance and is much more environmentally-friendly than conventional lawns. But that’s not all; read more on why synthetic grass may be the perfect choice for your yard makeover.


Less Maintenance

Organic lawns require constant watering, mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and pest control. That’s a lot of unhealthy chemicals and a significant amount of time and money spent administering all of this maintenance. Making the change from real grass to artificial turf will give you the chance to keep your landscaping budget in check, all while looking great all year long.



Artificial grass will handle repeated heavy-foot traffic and will maintain its color for years. Because artificial turf started out as a popular choice for sports stadiums, technology has helped excel durability. Because our testing protocols and procedures exceed those of even the most demanding independent labs, Shawgrass’s Research and Development Center is leading the industry making better performing, safer, and more durable synthetic turf.


Perfect for Kids

Have kids and a swing set on your property? Perhaps you want to consider playground turf in that play area! Our playground turf is made for high-use areas and is ADA accessible and IPEMA Certified. This unique turf system, with engineered padding, can be combined easily with our HydroChill cooling option also.



Fake grass is a fantastic choice to create a safe and healthy environment for pets. Your pets won’t be bringing in dirt, carrying fleas, or digging up holes in your yard anymore. As a bonus, they won’t be exposed to the chemicals from fertilizing and controlling pests. Shawgrass from Last Lawn offers specific pet turf that features superior drainage and is also microbially safe.


Artificial Grass Yard Makeover Inspiration

With synthetic grass, the sky’s the limit! There are a plethora of styles to choose from, all of which can meet your unique needs. Look at our 8 ways to use fake grass to completely change the look of your property.


1. Balconies

Refresh cold concrete balconies into something of beauty and softness. For example, you can use synthetic grass to create a more welcoming balcony space.

Shawgrass artificial grass balcony 

2. Narrow Yards

Is it a tight fit between yours and your neighbor’s yard? Is getting a lawnmower in there every time difficult? With synthetic grass, you won’t have to worry about it — it’ll look amazing all year.

Shawgrass artificial grass for narrow yards 

3. Between Pavers

Ground covers growing between pavers softens the area as it transitions from paved areas to the surrounding garden. This looks great but is challenging to maintain with regular grass. Artificial turf yields the same look without needing to be mowed.

Shawgrass artificial grass and pavers 

4. Soften Play Areas

If there are kids running around, you know how accident-prone they can be. With artificial grass, they’ll have a softer, padded surface purpose-built for play.

Shawgrass artificial grass play areas 


5. Green Courtyards

If you have a courtyard area with real grass that is challenging to maintain, you may want to think about synthetic turf. You can still enjoy the greenery with less hassle.

Shawgrass courtyard 

6. Poolside Greenery

Maintaining regular grass around swimming pools is one of the more difficult lawncare jobs. The grass is regularly being saturated by pool water and withered in the sun. Synthetic grass will give you a soft, clean space around your pool.

Shawgrass artificial grass around pool 


7. Soften Your Patio

Freshen your patio with artificial grass. Be sure to add potted plants for extra greenery, and your new patio area will be much brighter and cleaner.



Ready for your artificial turf yard makeover?

Shawgrass is ready to help install the ideal fit for your project. If you want to experience this grass for yourself, call us at (724) 717-6027 or contact Last Lawn today.