What's the Hype Regarding Synthetic Grass?

October 11, 2022

Sometimes, the grass CAN be greener. Are you wanting a lawn that looks perfect all year round? Synthetic grass might be the right answer to you. Long gone are the days of Astroturf — contemporary artificial grass more precisely mimics rich traditional grasses. This article describes why almost all Pittsburgh homeowners are investing in synthetic lawns. It might help you decide if fake grass is appropriate for your yard.


The Advantages

There are some advantages of synthetic turf that might astonish you. Here are the ones we hear Pittsburgh property owners like the most regarding making the switch.

Always Lush

As soon as artificial turf is installed, it immediately looks fantastic. Gone will be the days of seeding, watering, fertilizing, and pest removal. You will get back precious time that can be used on your garden or other projects around the house when you do not ever have to mow your grass.

Conserve Water

Watering your grass is more expensive than you think. It can cost upwards of $200 per month per acre. If you reside in a drought-prone area, you are aware of how water limitations can be established to help shrinking water supplies. Removing your regular turf will help to save water and save on water costs in the long run.

Kid Safe

Because of it being dirt-free, gentle and cushioned, and fertilizer and pesticide free, it is the ideal option for those with kids. You may even have observed that a lot of Pittsburgh schools have installed synthetic turf to create a safe and clean surrounding to play on. Last Lawn gives Shawgrass playground turf that’s IPEMA-certified and ADA-accessible.

Pet Safe

Pets are a major part of several families, so if you treat your furry loved ones same as your children, we understand. If you are looking into synthetic turf and you have pets, we strongly suggest you get a pet-specific turf coupled with a pet-specific infill. This hard turf has a superior drainage system to assist make life easier.

Weather Resistant

High quality artificial turf is made to be UV resistant, so it will not fade from sunlight. But if you are going to place turf somewhere with no direct sunlight, you will not lose there, either! Growing organic turf in areas with generally shade can be hard. More so, it will hold up in harsh weather conditions like snowy conditions, heavy rain, or sunny days.


The EPA reported that gasoline-powered lawnmowers, trimming tools, and other similar outdoor power tools can generate elevated levels of carbon monoxide and other toxic pollutants. It’s even suggested that one hour of a gasoline-powered lawn mower adds the same amount of pollution as 4 hours of driving. Synthetic grass can get rid of the need for everyday lawn upkeep180] with these tools.


Some Possible Drawbacks

To say synthetic grass is the ideal solution for any situation would not be truthful. Artificial turf has some cons, but when weighed against the benefits, these are merely small cons!

Costly to Install

The comparison of the price of synthetic turf installation to organic grass, the up-front sticker price can lift a few eyebrows. But when you look at a cost lifecycle analysis, you will see that the upfront expense is worth it in the long-term! You can recoup your up-front investment in as few as one to five years!

No Yard Work

Some people enjoy lawn work and find it to be therapeutic. If you are one of these people, think hard if you love mowing your yard or if your time would be better spent growing and taking care of other plants. If you require that scent of fresh-cut grass, it may be something you miss if you go with synthetic turf.

It Can Get Hot

Because synthetic turf isn’t a natural material, it can get warm in extreme heat. It will not burn the skin similar to scorching pavement will, but it could become uncomfortable to be on. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative engineering called HydroChill that will make sure to keep your turf cool for days with a brief spray from a garden hose.

Lowers Biodiversity

Installing artificial grass might lower the biodiversity of your garden due to the fact that it isn’t a natural material that wildlife and bugs can survive in. But you can still have trees, flowers, and bushes around your yard to increase your biodiversity. A lot of Pittsburgh residents who made the change to artificial grass to do just that and love the fact that ticks and fleas can’t live in their lawns but still make sure to appreciate the additional pop of greenery diverse plants add.


Other Considerations

If you’re searching for something to cut costs and still install synthetic grass, we firmly urge you to not use inexpensive turf.

Inferior fake turf can be thin and possess a substandard backing system. This will lead to grass blades tearing up easily and a inferior look in general.

At Last Lawn, our Shawgrass turf is made and tested to the same rigorous standards as Shaw Sports Turf. As such, we guarantee that our grass will endure a long time and look beautiful year after year.


Let Us Help You Decide

If you’re on the fence about whether synthetic turf is the right choice for your property, we can help! Connect with us today for a hassle-free consultation. Our staff of pros has the knowledge to help you make the right choice.