Visually Stunning Faux Turf Landscaping Trends in Pittsburgh

April 26, 2021

Faux grass trends are rapidly becoming one of the most inventive methods to get a fresh appearance on your outdoor space. Versatile and easy to maintain, Turf affords an aesthetic appeal that offers a clean and finished style to practically any landscaping project. Whether you are interested in freshening up your backyard or add some practicality or sparkle to a ho-hum outdoor space, synthetic turf design concepts are what you want. Artificial turf is the latest landscaping trend guaranteed to give you a visually appealing design element.

Artificial Grass Stepping StonesArtificial Grass Stepping Stones

Grass stepping stones using artificial turf can add texture and color to an otherwise arid, boring patio or backyard. Rather than using regular concrete patio stepping stones, use squares of synthetic turf adhered to concrete pavers instead. It’s a surprisingly easy DIY project that involves just handful of materials and a little bit of your time. The completed look gives an intriguing and visually attractive landscape design with bright green grass patches contrasting with the neutral palate of landscape pebbles, gravel, or rocks.

Image via Sugar & Cloth

Rooftop GardenArtificial Grass Rooftop Garden

Synthetic turf is a perfect choice for a luxuriant rooftop garden. Having no need for watering or maintenance, and the turf can withstand the scorching heat of direct sunlight far better than natural grass. Additionally, natural grass is not allowed for many rooftop gardens. Adding the natural look and feel of grass to a rooftop garden will truly create the feel of the outdoors while improving the appeal of the garden. On top of that, artificial turf is safe for pets and children and will provide your rooftop space more usability.

Image “A Rooftop Meadow” via Gardenista

Synthetic Grass DrivewaySynthetic Grass Driveway

Step aside traditionally paved or pebbled driveways. The new trend is turf. Driveways that utilize artificial turf are both functional and visually appealing. Turf gives your driveway more water drainage while also providing a statement-making entryway to your home. Match the look with concrete slabs, stones, or pebbles to offer a truly personalized look that matches the style of your home. The possibilities are infinite, from paving combined with synthetic turf to gravel tire paths outlined with turf.

Image via PlantoPave

Bocce Ball CourtSynthetic Turf Bocce Ball Court

Bocce Ball is a game loved by players of all ages and can elevate your outdoor entertaining space to the next level. The smooth, uniform surface of artificial grass makes it the perfect playing surface for Bocce Ball. Synthetic turf is also durable and easy to clean. Backyard Bocce courts may be any size you’d like, but regulation size courts are typically 13 feet by 91 feet. If your ground is level and flat, you can easily build your own wood frame. Many courts utilize crushed oyster shells and base rock, but with turf there is no mess and better ball roll.

Image via Pinterest

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