Pet-Friendly Landscaping: Creating a Safe Haven with Pet Turf

September 13, 2023

Pittsburgh Pets on Pet Turf 

When it comes to our furry friends, they’re not just animals — they’re cherished members of our families. As pet owners, we want to give them the best life possible, including a safe and enjoyable outdoor environment. This is where pet-friendly landscaping comes into play, and Shawgrass Pet Turf is the key to help you build a haven for your furry companions.

Intensive Testing for Optimal Performance

Shawgrass innovations undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet customer expectations before they are released to the market. At Last Lawn, we are excited to carry Shawgrass, a part of Shaw Turf, the renowned synthetic turf supplier in the North American market, encompassing both Shawgrass for landscape turf and Shaw Sports Turf for industy-leading sports turf. You might not be aware of this, but Shaw Sports Turf can be seen in sports arenas] all across the country, including two NFL stadiums and multiple Major League Baseball stadiums. Just like how innovations in motorsport] often trickle down to consumer vehicles, our landscape turf and sports turf innovations enhance each other perfectly.

At Last Lawn, our devotion to quality is reflected in the thorough testing Shawgrass products undergo. Shawgrass’ new K9 Pet Turf and K9 Sand infill have received detailed evaluations over the previous year to ensure their top-notch performance. This testing includes measuring fiber durability, strength, and UV resistance for the turf, along with elemental composition, bulk density, water capacity, hydrophobicity, and cooling efficiency for the infill. Additionally, the entire system, including the turf and infill, is assessed for drainage rates and foot-to-surface interactions.

Quality Materials for Quality Results

But what makes a turf product or infill system truly 'exceptional'? The answer lies in evaluating test results across various offerings. Over the years, we've evaluated numerous synthetic turfs and infill systems with standardized testing procedures to compare performance characteristics among them. One important aspect is the ability of synthetic grass fibers to withstand heavy usage. We assess this by evaluating the strength of the synthetic grass fibers, the resilience of fiber attachments, and how turf fibers hold up under UV light and mechanical stress.

For infill systems, the three primary features are the ability to efficiently drain water, retain water for evaporative cooling, and provide a comfortable feel underfoot. We perform experiments to assess how infills interact with moisture, heat, and play. Using our proprietary rain and sunlight simulation facilities, we evaluate how much moisture infills can retain and how long they maintain a cool temperature under simulated high-temperature conditions. Our advanced infiltration system helps us comprehend how fast water drains through the infill and turf backing to the base beneath. Additionally, we have mechanical testing procedures in our lab to assess surface shock absorption, rigidity, and friction. These findings are then compared with those of other competitors in the synthetic turf market.

Through this thorough testing process, our K9 Pet Turf product and K9 Sand infill stood out as superior offerings. That's why we're excited to make them available as part of our landscape solutions.

Why Artificial Grass is Better Than Traditional Grass

Now, let's dive into why Shawgrass Pet Turf the ideal choice for creating a pet-friendly oasis in your outdoor area:

1. Non-Toxic Pet Turf: We understand that your pet's safety is a top priority. Shawgrass Pet Turf is crafted to be non-toxic, keeping your furry friends protected from harmful chemicals typically used on traditional lawns.

2. Exceptional Durability: Say goodbye to the hassles of muddy pet paws and unsightly brown spots. Our pet turf is highly resilient, standing up to the most energetic play.

3. Hypoallergenic: Unlike natural grass, synthetic pet turf doesn't have allergens like pollen and mold. This makes it an great choice for pets and humans who have allergies.

4. Pest-Free Zone: Our pet turf doesn't attract fleas and ticks, providing a pest-free zone for your pets to enjoy.

5. No More Digging: Pets are discouraged from digging in synthetic grass, preserving the integrity of your landscaping.

6. Easy Cleanup: Thanks to our effective drainage system, cleaning up after your pets is a piece of cake. No more muddy paw prints inside your home!

7. Aesthetic Appeal: Our pet turf replicates the look and feel of natural grass, ensuring your outdoor space remains beautiful while being pet-friendly.

Whether you’re a cat or dog lover, Shawgrass Pet Turf caters to the unique needs of your pets. Synthetic grass offers a safe and inviting space for exercise and fun, with a surface that's soft on their paws and gentle on their joints.

Choose Shawgrass

In conclusion, creating a pet-friendly outdoor oasis is not only attainable but essential for your beloved family members. Shawgrass Pet Turf, backed by extensive testing and a commitment to excellence, is your ticket to a safe, beautiful, and functional outdoor space where your pets can prosper. Say goodbye to the headaches of conventional lawns and hello to a colorful and pet-safe landscape. Choose Shawgrass Pet Turf from Last Lawn and watch your outdoor space transform into a heaven for both you and your treasured pets. Get a quote today.