Artificial Turf For Sports In Pittsburgh

February 09, 2023

Thinking about fake grass for a sports area on your property? Regardless of the activity you or your family participates in, artificial turf can be a fantastic option. Read on to discover more.


Which Sports Can Be Played On Turf?

A high-quality fake grass is designed to have the texture and appearance of organic grass while giving you a more durable and safer solution. You will often find fake turf at local Pittsburgh educational institutions, recreational venues, and even professional-level fields. But that doesn’t mean you can’t own your own playing surface on your property. Synthetic turf is a great playing surface for:

  • Volleyball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Badminton
  • Softball
  • Baseball
  • Batting Cages
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Futsal
  • Field Hockey
  • Pickleball
  • Football
  • Putting Greens

Shawgrass products are created and crafted by the same team of researchers that is taske with creating the world-class athletic fields created by Shaw Sports Turf. This means you can trust Shawgrass and Last Lawn if you decide on it for your sports surface, knowing that you’ll be receiving the top-quality available.


Why Synthetic Grass For Sports?

To maintain an even performance in sports, it has to be uniform for every match. This means ongoing mowing and maintenance that can be cumbersome and expensive. But that’s not the only reason more and more professional athletes are picking artificial grass for their training and competition areas. Here are some important reasons why they find fake turf more advantageous than natural grass.



Safety is always a top priority, no matter how old the athlete. Games played on synthetic grass typically result in less injuries, thanks to the padding that’s added underneath the grass surface. This padding provides better shock absorption than organic grass and dirt do. Many athletes find their feet don’t hurt as much after playing on an artificial surface versus natural grass, too.


Versatile & Durable

Synthetic grass fields can be built to host various athletic events, not just one specific sport. You’ll see this regularly on college fields, where multiple lines of different hues are used for each sport. And because active sports turf is desiigned to handle heavy foot traffic, you can count on it to last for years to come.


Better Playability

Uniformity in grass length is crucial for a better game, as it lets athletes and gear to move easier. A consistent length will help players be more nimble in their movement and reduce the chances of them tripping on long spots in the grass.



Using fake grass is a great option to minimize hundreds of thousands of gallons of water each year because you’ll only need to periodically wash the turf. Droughts will not cause the turf to need constant watering. Herbicides, that are not environmentally friendly, won’t need to be used either.


Want to Learn More?

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