Artificial Grass For Indoor Sports

February 28, 2022

Synthetic turf for indoor sports and athletics training fields has changed how athletes can exercise in the off-season. Indoor turf can not only be useful for athletes but can also serve physical fitness enthusiasts! Many work-out pursuits like cross-fit training, HIIT, and weight-related exercises are also easy to carry out on synthetic grass. Here are 8 advantages of synthetic grass for indoor sports and training facilities.

1. Durable & Heavy-duty

Fake turf is created with strong tuft fastening knowhow and can survive rough training and substantial foot traffic. This renders it a worthy choice for indoor sports and fitness centers with apparatus such as sports nets, batting cages, dumbbells, barbells, etc.

2. Multipurpose

Indoor turf fields have more versatility and can withstand more events than natural turf. This is advantageous for sporting activities where multiple games occur in succession. For a field that presents many sports activities within a limited period of time, synthetic grass should be considered. Another pro is, you’re never at the mercy of the weather conditions.

3. Easy to Customize

Artificial turf is available in several colors, lengths, and construction. You can opt to modify your artificial turf based on your own specific requirements. You can also put in your own logo, replace the rubber infill with infill material of your choice or forgo the infill and use a performance pad.

4. Fulfills Safety Requirements

For indoor grass for sports, Shawgrass vouches for the “high-use” padding we install for public parks and playgrounds. This grass is created for heavy foot traffic areas and provides the finest in resilience and return on investment. Shawgrass is IPEMA Certified and ADA accessible.

5. Reduced Injuries

A cushion or underlayment under the synthetic grass permits high-impact training to be done without extra strain on joints. The grass padding mitigates any impact that may be tough on key joints like ankles, elbows, hips, and knees, considerably decreasing pressure injuries.

6. Improves Productivity

Turf offers a steady surface that adapts effortlessly to modifications in weight and pressure. So, athletes can pivot and stretch on synthetic grass without slipping and keep their sense of balance during the training.

7. Limited Upkeep Requirement

Keeping indoor artificial grass clean is easier than ever in a few easy steps. First, hand-remove debris or sweep or use a flexible non-metal rake to clean up large bits of debris. Then, brush any levelled turf in the opposite direction of the grain to fluff the turf back up.

8. Attractive

Do you want an easy way to add energy and good vibes to a training center? Luxurious and lush green grass offers a energizing look. A dirt-free and attractive grass is more welcoming, even indoors. This will enhance the overall charm of the indoor training space.

Which Grass Should You Choose?

Considering using artificial turf for indoor sports for yourself or the athlete in your life? Take a look at our most popular choice — Active Lifestyle Grass. It’s great for homes, commercial applications, and indoor sports surfaces.

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