3 Simple Outdoor Space Ideas For The Summer Season in Pittsburgh

May 25, 2021

If you happen to be in the situation where you’re searching for ways to upgrade the value and appearance of your outdoor space, you’re not alone. Maintaining an unsullied, fresh, well-manicured lawn while trying to keep flowers and other plants alive is a permanent gig!

Building an alluring outdoor space does not in any way have to be tricky. Try these simple summer outdoor entertaining space ideas that entail hardly any upkeep, perfect for the coming summertime.

Hang it up

Add some height and elegance to your space with some simple backyard space ideas. Hanging plants are easily managed and fun to style. From whimsical and romantic to simple, hanging plants can introduce the right feel to nearly any backyard. In front or back porches, outdoor structures like a pavilion, or hanging from gardens, hanging plants are simple yet versatile.

To get the look, Southern Living indicates that each hanging basket contain three types of plants: a "spiller" (something that droops over the sides) specifically Begonias and varicolored sage, a "filler" (something that mounds and fills in) specifically Kong Coleus, and a "thriller" (something towering and striking for the center), like Purple Cordyline.

Fun with Fences

Fun with FencesStrategically arranged vines can beautify any fence; or, in some scenarios, conceal it.

Depending on the image you wish to accomplish, there are flowering or foliage vines. Popular annual flowering vines consist of Morning Glory, Passionflower, Hops, and Black-Eyed Susans. Three of the well-known perennial flowering vines are Climbing Hydrangea, Clematis, and Honey Suckle. Effortless to cultivate foliage vines include ivies (English, Boston, Persian) in addition to the Virginia Creeper. Such foliage flora are evergreens - ideal if you want to conceal an unpleasant lattice because they’ll stay green year-round.

Try synthetic turf in Pittsburgh

home turfWhat’s simpler than synthetic grass? Simple artificial grass ideas for outdoor spaces let you forget the weeding, fertilizing, watering, or mowing. Artificial turf assures an exuberant, green appeal across all seasons.

Landscaping trends with turf combine setting up the turf by pool areas, walkways, and on driveways. Some landlords do away with their natural grass altogether and set up artificial turf over their complete front or back lawns. Artificial grass is an uncomplicated and stunning augmentation to almost any landscaping concept.

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